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Wexford was founded in June of 2017. The idea was to bring together a team of people, each with extensive experience living and working in the Minneapolis metro area, to provide a commercial construction option that cannot be beat. With a combined experience of over 127 years, our construction experts are happy to share that experience with each new or existing client to complete their projects with the utmost integrity as if it was our own space.



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Wexford has a full service real estate firm background and can look at any project or situation with that in mind. You not only get a General Contractor, but one with the expertise that knows how businesses, owners, property managers, tenants, asset managers, engineers, brokers, and building engineers all operate. We can bring this expertise to all of our clients for a collaborative effort for a successful and cost effective project. We are a small team, and with that you get less overhead and fees than most, but with the expertise and value of any other name brand General Contractor out there.



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